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  Permanent Link to 2 SOPS continues GPS modifications this summer
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Capt. Adam Moody, 2 SOPS GPS Operations Support flight commander, and Staff Sgt. Carl Ellinger, 2 SOPS GPS mission chief, review a checklist of procedures for a transfer operation at Schriever Air Force Base. (Photo: U.S. Air Force photo/Dennis Rogers) The 2nd Space Operations Squadron (2 SOPS), based at Schriever Air Force Base, will implement the GPS Issue of Data, Clock software modification this summer in accordance with established guidance, according to Rick Hamilton, CGSIC Executive Secretariat, U.S. Coast Guard Navigation Center. The modification is in compliance with GPS Interface Specifications IS-GPS-200, which is published for manufacturers to ensure continued device compatibility. As the largest Department of Defense spacecraft constellation, operators must modify processes, software and operations to meet the ever-growing demand for GPS signals. The squadron conducts software modifications regularly to support the constellation. The modifications are primarily transparent to users, specifically those with IS-GPS-200 compliant devices. Users who experience issues with their devices or receivers should contact the manufacturer to troubleshoot the problem. The U.S. Coast Guard Navigation Center provides information and services to civil GPS users. They can be contacted at 703-313-5900 or online.

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