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  Permanent Link to Spirent’s new GSS7000 system offers flexible multi-GNSS testing
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Spirent Communications plc is releasing a new series of multi-frequency, multi-GNSS RF constellation simulators. The GSS7000 series provides an entry to multi-frequency testing, with a modular approach to enable this new precision GNSS simulation system to expand with users’ needs. The GSS7000 system will suit receiver, system and application developers who want to take advantage of new satellite navigation systems and the better accuracy offered by civilian, multi-frequency GNSS. “Testing across multiple GNSS systems requires more channels and more frequencies with accurate modeling across multiple constellations,” said Stuart Smith, lead product manager for Spirent’s Positioning business unit. “The GSS7000 is a new type of simulator in terms of capability and flexibility. We have gone above and beyond traditional thinking to create a new system for a new era of GNSS test.” Spirent Communications’ GSS7000 series of multi-frequency GNSS simulators provides a modular approach to testing. The GSS7000 series offers faithful emulation of all civil GNSS systems and regional augmentation systems, and allows devices to be tested under a multitude of operating environments and error conditions, the company said. The GSS7000 has the flexibility to reconfigure satellite constellations, channels and frequencies between test runs or test cases. Four software control variants are offered. For existing Spirent customers, the GSS7000 has been designed to be backward compatible, enabling the re-use of existing test cases. It allows full in-field upgradeability to add constellations, channels, and other options such as interference generation and sensor simulation.

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