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  Permanent Link to Digital Matter’s battery-powered GPS receiver gets PTCRB approval
Posted by: 2021/06/11 - No Replies

Photo: Digital Matter Digital Matter’s Oyster2 4G battery-powered GPS receives PTCRB approval, AT&T certification and redesigned housing Digital Matter’s Oyster2 is now PTCRB approved and certified for use on the AT&T Network in the United States. With PTCRB certification, operators and device manufacturers are confident of a device’s interoperability with mobile networks. Designed for tracking non-powered assets for extended periods of time, common applications of the Oyster2 include tracking trailers, bins, hire and rental equipment, shipping containers, boats, bikes, scooters and more. The Oyster2’s u-blox SARA-R410M modem operates on all major global LTE-Cat-M1 and NB-IoT bands. The device uses concurrent GPS and GLONASS tracking with a 72-channel high sensitivity receiver, and features a 3D accelerometer for G-force detection. Configurable adaptive-tracking parameters allow the device to sleep when stationary, resulting in industry-leading battery life: up to seven years of life at once daily updates; one year of life at once hourly updates. The versatile asset tracker can be powered by three off-the-shelf AA lithium batteries, or lithium thionyl chloride (LTC) batteries for enhanced performance and temperature tolerance. The Oyster2 is now also available in redesigned ultra-rugged housing. Engineered with nylon glass, the IP67 housing is considerably tougher and thicker in key areas, providing increased durability, thermal resistance (the device can reach temperatures up to 185º F/85º C without compromising performance) and chemical resistance. The device’s mounting tabs and screw holes have also been fortified and repositioned, improving resistance to cracking. Digital Matter is an original equipment manufacturer of award-winning GPS and internet of things (IoT) devices and tracking software. Digital Matter devices are resold through 500 channel partners across the world and deployed in more than 110 countries.

item: Cell phone jammers g4 , jammers globe az phone 4.6 33 votes

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cell phone jammers g4

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